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Welcome to the MMM Community Blog

This is the first post on the brand spanking new MMM for MySQL Community Blog. Expect posts on new features for this great project. Expect user experiences.

So, your question is of course: what is MMM for MySQL and why haven't I heard of this before?

Well, MMM for MySQL is a project that strives to provide a HA Solution for MySQL, with automatic failover between multiple masters and slaves. If set up properly, you don't have to worry anymore over downtime for upgrading to a new version of MySQL, or a new version of your application (=> large alter tables, addition of indexes, etc.)

The project has recently reached it's version 2, which is a complete rewrite from scratch. We are now slowly seeing this being put into production, with some success stories making us happy already.

I won't make it too long here, but look forward to hear more from us!

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  1. I’ve recently deployed a live website using mysql-mmm and am very happy with it indeed. 2.0.9 is stable as a rock even under heavy load and cpu usage is extremely low. It’s helped to ensure the data being provided to end users is accurate and with barely any interruption to service when a database server has been taken out of the loop.

  2. Hey Paul,

    great to hear you have good experience with 2.0.9. We will probably remove the beta flag with the next minor release.
    If you ever wanna blog about your setup (you can do it completely anonymously if your situation requires you to) feel free to send any of us an email or even the developer list. We’d be happy to have you guest-post.



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